Scrapmettle Blueprints

Scrapmettle Blueprints is the education arm of the Scrapmettle operation.  In schools where rubrics and The Common Core shape the culture of the classroom, Scrapmettle creates a space to regenerate creativity in young people. In design, cultural arts exploration leads to critical thinking and social development in children of all ages and skill levels.  Below are a few of the projects built in collaboration with schools, organizations or agencies. 

Scrapmettle also provides training for young performing artists.  We engage children's natural intuition, support them in their overall development and advise them in making personal and professional decisions as young professional artists.  



GlobalEXchanges uses technology to bridge classrooms in different countries making the world a smaller and much more accessible place for children to learn.  Above, The Senegal Global Youth Exchange--made possible through a collaboration between a college, recreation department and schools in the US and Senegal examine the impact of food on culture and shared personal food stories through digital storytelling.

South African Folktales

Ndebele art and the folklore of South Africa inspired this early theater education project designed for a class of 3rd grade girls.  Weekly lessons incorporated writing, South African artistic culture and performance in a 12-week series that culminated in a performance about a monkey who uses his musical ability to get himself out of a trouble.

Ezra Jack Keats

We embarked on this project to honor the literary legacy of Ezra Jack Keats.  Keats, famed children's author and illustrator is known as on of the first to create images of children of different ethnicities in his books.  His simple plot lines and illustrative medium (collage) made literacy fun and gave us a great excuse to design a set entirely of paper. With the blessing of the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation, the children adapted and performed The Snowy Day and Pet Show.

Dia de los Muertos

The timing of Dia de los Muertos ties in perfectly with a number of other cultural holidays in the US and Caribbean.  Taking from the familiarity of honoring and respecting their ancestors the children in this out-of-school program made a papel picado, sugar skulls, danced the jarabe tapatio, learned about La Catrina and her artist, Jose Posada and then made a community offrenda.

Ben's Trumpet

Rachel Isadora's Caldecott Award winning children's book Ben's Trumpet, set in 1920's gave us a chance to delve into the history, music and dance forms of the Harlem Renaissance period.  Our team of artists, actors, stage crafters worked with the children in an urban after school program to transform Isadora's  winning illustrations and memorable characters to life.


Somewhere in the middle of hand-stitching a Brazilian flag and learning about the language and culture of this South American country, kids in grades K-6 gained an appreciated for the blended culture that passed down capoeira.  Brazilian capoeirista, Joao Gazeta taught the music, movements and helped stage a couple of fight scenes for their version of the Legend of Besouro played in the roda, of course.  

Turkish Puppetry

We were surprised to discover a little known Turkish community in a neighboring city where this project was produced.  They heard that we were writing and making our own puppets and invited the children to perform at their cultural center.  The younger Turks had only heard of Karagoz plays from their elders who reminisced about seeing them as children. This turned into a memorable cross cultural, intergenerational exchange.