Ok.  So, I finally saw Focus, Will Smith's "dramedy" about two con folk trying to get it in. In Will's defense, let me say that I did come in on everything about 20 minutes late.  But, that didn't seem to make that much of a difference.  Come on, Will.  What happened?  It wasn't the story. The story was good.  Was it your girl, Margot that threw you off, or did Glenn Ficarra-up the flow?  Maybe it was because you became and "idea" not an icon (he did say that).

I was having one of those moments when you see your favorite childhood actor all grown up on screen.  Like when Penny became Justice and all I could say was,  "Janet, noooo!"  It was like the day that the Olivia in my mind became Raven Symone and even worse, she was on Disney!  The only difference is it happened slow like when old people fall trying to dance at their grandchild's wedding reception.  Was the goal to just make it through each scene or to play the part?  And, you know I'm saying this in love.  Otherwise, I wouldn't tell you the truth.

So, the movie could have been good if someone was willing to tell the cast that they weren't bringing it.  I could tell and I ain't nobody really.  There was one exception?  Adrian Martinez as Farhad.  He was the one somebody in the film that actually stayed focused.