Jordan Peeeeele! Wow, man. Thank you.

I can't say enough about thoughtful writing.  Whether you like someone's style or the way they approach the matter or not you know it when it happens because of the conversations after the show.

Black people all over the country are having these deeply intellectual exchanges about Us and they want more.  It's invigorating.  I was talking to an emerging writer the other day who was gushing over Peele's script. She talked about the symbolism and what themes she wanted to explore in her own writing.  She said,  "I want to get to that level!"  As a writing consultant I want to help her find her way.  That's some serious inspiration.

So, I'm not going to use this time and space to go into all the subjects that this film addresses and conquers except that embracing your dark side is vitally important. I'm just going to say as a theater artist and a writer how much this touch of creative brilliance means to all of Us, especially those who have been underground waiting for this.