One-to-One Acting

One-to-One Acting

An acting class is something to consider regardless of whether your are emerging or seasoned to maintain your performance luster. Group classes are great for learning basic skills, building your stage confidence or learning improv. One-to-One Acting puts you and the director head-to-head for 1 hour to flesh out the details of a character, get rid of performance habits or transition from stage to film (or vice versa). We’ll prep you for a big audition or find a part that stretches your range.

Come with your performance goals in mind or let us help you set some that are challenging but attainable. Scheduled by appointment.

Rate: $25 per hour

Angela Tripp

Scrapmettle Writers' Lab

Scrapmettle Writers' Lab

Elsewhere, Inc. (map)

Scrapmettle Writer's Lab is a time for writers to sharpen their tools, explore new genres and discuss performance writing and writers. Writers’ Lab takes place every 1st Wednesday of the month (excluding January) from September until May.

Focus: Writing for a television or web series.

November 7, 2018
6:30-8:30 pm
Scuppernong Books
304 S. Elm St. | Greensboro

Kerri Mubaarak

The Amen Corner

The Amen Corner

Scrapmettle presents James Baldwin's The Amen Corner to support the preservation of historic High Street Baptist Church in Danville, Virginia. High Street Baptist Church was one of the locations where Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke and was a hub for non-violent protest training during the Civil Rights Movement.

The Amen Corner, Baldwin's first play is about Margaret, the pastor of a storefront church with a past that returns to her doorstep for resolution. Margaret's church family and blood family come face-to-face to settle both internal and external conflicts about shame, judgement and what it means to do the "right" thing.   

Directed by Kerri Mubaarak with Ambria Webster.

$25 adults
$5 for children under 12

October 19-20; 7:30 pm
October 21; 3:30 pm
Location:  Caldcleugh Multicultural Arts Center
1700 Orchard St. | Greensboro, NC

October 26-27; 7:30 pm
October 28; 3:30 pm
Location: High Street Baptist Church
630 High Street | Danville, VA

Table Read | The Cake

Table Read | The Cake

Elsewhere Museum (map)

Scrapmettle reads "The Cake" by North Carolina's own Bekah Brunstetter co-writer for American God's and This is Us. 

Rooted in her experience growing up Southern and Baptist in Winston-Salem, Bekah imagines what many LGBQT couples experience as they plan their weddings when her main character's own mother, a cake artist refuses to make a cake for her daughter's wedding.

Scrapmettle Table Reads are our way of getting acquainted with scripts that challenge our thoughts and perceptions of ourselves, each other and our society. Come sit in. Donations are always appreciated.

Suggested donation $5
**Elsewhere's "Comfort Bar" will be open, so support the cause and get a drink!

Friday, November 16
6:30 pm

Elsewhere Museum/Residency
606 S. Elm St. | Greensboro