The show is produced in collaboration with Scrapmettle Entertainmen Group and City Arts Greensboro. Following the end of the Civil War, many former slaves, anxious to leave the south and the increasing dangers of Reconstruction, took advantage of the Homestead Act and went west to build new lives. Many of these homesteaders were black women who overcame tremendous odds to work their own land and make a place for themselves. Set in 1898, Flyin’ West is the story of some of these African-American female pioneers who settled, together, in the all-black town of Nicodemus, Kansas.

Filling 6 African American male/female roles:
Woman; age 36
Woman; age 73
Woman; age 32
Man; age 40
Woman; age 21
Man; age 36

March 28; 6:30 pm
March 31; 12 noon

Caldcleugh Arts Center
1700 Orchard St.
Greensboro, NC 27406

For more information contact the Drama Center at 336-373-5881 or email