The African American Policies Forum organizers in Greensboro, NC tasked Scrapmettle with creating interludes between the Forum's panel discussions that reflect the real feelings and challenges of being a black girl in America.  We anticipate that this process will open some wounds, minds and doorways to the experiences of young women today and make all of us take a step back, listen and understand what matters to them most.

Members of the organizing committee are convening mini open forums where girls can speak openly about the troubles and triumphs of being young, female and black. Scrapmettle will host two of these forums on July 9th and 23rd in collaboration with Unified Heartbreakerz--an African American women's biker club.  Together with their daughters and young sister friends we'll field questions and get their feedback.

Discovering the truth matters most.  To get in on the conversation tweet us @scrapplenet #blackgirlsmatterGSO.

Saturday, July 9
12-3 pm

Saturday, July 23
12-2 pm

111 W. Lewis St.
Greensboro, NC