Scrapmettle Entertainment Group, LLC hosts 4th and 5th graders from international school, Ecole Actuelle Bilingue (EAB) in Dakar, Senegal in Greensboro, NC from April 15-30, 2018 to culminate Blueprints™ | ON AIR. an online exchange program with a focus on broadcast media and ecology.

Scrapmettle's Kerri Mubaarak, on air personality Adrianne "Delyte" Wilson of WQMG 97.1 FM and students at EAB and Hunter Elementary School (Greensboro) create a podcast about the the state and condition of the world's atmosphere during an 8-week exploration of broadcast media that incorporates a study of the human impact on the quality and condition of our air. 

Collaborative partners on this project include WQMG 97.1 FM, Guilford County Schools Blended Learning Department, the City of Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department, Ecole Actuelle Bilingue and Hunter Elementary School.