Do you have a scene you're struggling with, a character that you just can't fit into, a monologue that needs fixing or an audition piece to tweak?  Scrapmettle has seasoned actors and experienced directors to help you work through the tough spots and get it right.

Troubleshooting's open format allows actors to bring their own material or expand range with something new.  We'll give you sound advice, constructive criticism and let you play with your own creative ideas.  You can work your scene and go or stick around to see others work or provide input.

Fall sessions are held on Thursdays from 6-8 pm starting September 8th.  Register by date and location at checkout.

Session Dates:
September 8-22  (registration deadline 9/1)
October 6-20 (registration deadline 9/29)
November 3-17 (registration deadline 10/27)
Fee:  $10 per class

Caldcleugh Arts Center
1700 Orchard St.
Greensboro, NC